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Fall, 2010

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Fall, 2010

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Clear Choice Energy Solutions Now Offers Soft-Lite Windows

August, 2010

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The Process of InsulSmart Foam Insulation from Clear Choice Energy Solutions

New Construction or Existing Homes Can All Benefit From InsulSmart Foam Insulation

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Whether your are building a new home or you want to insulate an existing home and make it more energy efficient than ever, Clear Choice Energy Solutions and InsulSmart Foam Insulation is your energy saving solution.


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The Process Of Foam Insulation
from Clear Choice Energy Solutions:

New Construction

The InsulSmart Insulating System from Clear Choice Insulation begins at the beginning, namely, with the very foundation blocks themselves. Hollow foundation block is essentially filled completely, creating an energy barrier for your home.


hosing insulation

For New Construction, Or Remodels

Wall cavities are InsulSmart foamed through netting to hold foam in place until sheetrock is applied. Unlike conventional insulation, there are no air pockets or cavities that allow air infiltration, robbing you of valuable heating or cooling energy.

Insulation is then smoothed and the excess removed.

R-Value Ratings For InsulSmart Insulation Are Outstanding:

  • 2x4 Wall Cavity: R-17
  • 2x6 Wall Cavity: R-28
    (25 Degree Fahrenheit
    Mean Temperature)


Fill Holes

For Existing Homes, Application of InsulSmart Foam Insulation Is Quick and Virtually Invisible.

Holes are drilled from the outside of the house. This is done without damaging walls or floors, and is the same process for brick, foundation block or siding. For siding, a single panel of siding is removed for access.

InsulSmart Foam is applied through the holes into the cavities within the foundation or the walls themselves, filling those cavities for total insulation protection.

Holes are then filled, excess foam is trimmed, and if a panel of siding was removed for access, it is reinstalled for a seamless appearance.

InsulSmart can even be applied through brick and masonry.


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