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Fall, 2010

demoContact Clear Choice Energy Solutions and schedule your free energy audit. We'll show you exactly what you can do to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your energy costs. Ask about our special pricing on eShield Attic Energy Barrier, and save more money on energy no matter what the season.

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Window and Door Specials

Fall, 2010

demoBook now for replacement window and door installation! Clear Choice Energy Solutions has special pricing that will save you money right away, and cut your energy costs today and for years to come. Contact us for more information and your personal appointment.

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Clear Choice Energy Solutions Now Offers Soft-Lite Windows

August, 2010

demoSoft-Lite has been building windows since 1934. Clear Choice Energy Solutions is proud to have been chosen by Soft-Lite to represent their windows in Western Wisconsin. Soft-Lite builds one of the most energy efficient and durable windows available today, complete with a lifetime warranty.

Contact Clear Choice Energy Solutions to schedule our personal appointment in your home, and discover more about the beauty, efficiency and durability of Soft-Lite Windows from Clear Choice!





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Find out what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to purchasing an energy saving window for your home. Discover the differences in glass, the gas between the glass, and what different ratings for different windows actually means.

Discover the different styles of window, and what should be around that window frame to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy


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We will visit your home and conduct a thorough energy audit of everything from the attic to the foundation. We'll examine your windows, check for air flow and leakage, determine the grade and amount of insulation you have, determine your radiant heat loss, the R-value of your exterior doors, and assess your energy bill averages.

Then we will present you with a comprehensive accounting of how much energy you could be saving, and what that will mean to you in dollars and cents.


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Economists and energy experts agree: The best source of energy are the sources that are already available to us. And the best way to use those energy resources is in a responsible and conservative way.

This free guide will explain how to save more energy and save more money by simply changing a few things you do every day.

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The very best place to discuss your home is in your home. Unlike other companies that require you to come to their place of business, we come to you.

Let us show you the latest products available, the choices you have, and the many different styles we carry.

We'll take measurements, talk with you about your options, and answer any questions you might have about your energy savings.

Get to know the locally owned company that saves homeowners money every day on expensive heating and cooling costs.

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