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Fall, 2010

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Window and Door Specials

Fall, 2010

demoBook now for replacement window and door installation! Clear Choice Energy Solutions has special pricing that will save you money right away, and cut your energy costs today and for years to come. Contact us for more information and your personal appointment.

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Clear Choice Energy Solutions Now Offers Soft-Lite Windows

August, 2010

demoSoft-Lite has been building windows since 1934. Clear Choice Energy Solutions is proud to have been chosen by Soft-Lite to represent their windows in Western Wisconsin. Soft-Lite builds one of the most energy efficient and durable windows available today, complete with a lifetime warranty.

Contact Clear Choice Energy Solutions to schedule our personal appointment in your home, and discover more about the beauty, efficiency and durability of Soft-Lite Windows from Clear Choice!


Benefits of InsulSmart Foam Insulation from Clear Choice Energy Solutions

The Superior Insulation Is A Phone Call Away

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Compare Clear Choice Energy Solutions' InsulSmart to any other insulation system. You'll find the clear choice is InsulSmart.

What did you pay for energy last year? Now take that number, and divide it in half. That's what many of customers are saving each and every year. At that rate, your InsulSmart insulation from Clear Choice will pay for itself over and over again, winter and summer. Find out how we do it.

But we have just as much to offer the environment. A home that uses less energy is obviously a "greener" home and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. And InsulSmart insulation from Clear Choice is CFC Free, meaning that InsulSmart has no chemicals that will harm the ozone layer.

More reasons why you should schedule an appointment for your free energy audit today, with Clear Choice Energy Solutions.

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Go With The Flow!

InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation is a truly "new" product designed specifically for enclosed cavity applications such as stud walls and cathedral ceilings.

InsulSmart Foam Insulation easily flows from one block to the next in new construction, creating a solid barrier that keeps heat in, and the cold air out.


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Easy Application From Inside The House, Or from The Outside

For new construction, InsulSmart Foam Insulation can simply be pumped into wall cavities with netting to hold it in place. Once applied, it will not settle or create air pockets, making it a perfect insulation because it literally fills the spaces in the wall void.

Derived from a new chemistry, InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation is a product with low shrinkage, low odor, and a 50% less water content than other foam-in-place products. It is a Class I rated product and meets or exceeds all building code requirements.

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Far Superior to Conventional Insulation

Since InsulSmart Foam Insulation from Clear Choice Energy Solutions flows like shaving cream, it will flow around water tubing, copper pipes, ducting, electrical conduit, pvc piping, and more, making it a solid barrier to keep your energy inside the house, instead of flowing out.

Best of all, for homes being remodeled or upgraded, InsulSmart Foam Insulation also flows around and seals lower quality, pre-existing insulation! So there is no need to tear out insulation that already exists.





InsulSmart Benefits

  • Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings
  • Saves Up To 50% On Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Environmentally Safe
    - Does not contain or emit CFC's
  • Rated a Class 1 Building Material
  • Excellent R-Value, 5.1 / Inch
    (Example: For a 2x4 cavity, the R Value is R-17)
  • Excellent Noise Reduction
  • Stops Air Infiltration Through Walls
  • Does Not Compress Or Settle Like Other Foams
  • Increases Fire Ratings of Your Home
    - May result in lower insurance premiums
  • No Thermal Degradation
  • Seals and Insulates in One Application
  • Will Not Damage Walls or Floors
  • Contains 50% Less Water Content Than
    Similar Foams
  • Will Not Compress Or Settle
  • Helps Prevent Insects and Vermin From
    Living In Your Walls
  • Perfect For New Home Construction or Insulating Existing Homes


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