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Be stronger. Be well. Live life to it's fullest. That's our mantra at Purl Performance. You CAN DO this. Purl Performance will make this happen. If you're willing, we can make this happen, together.

This will be
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Of Your Life.

From Pilates to Boot Camp...

...Lindsey offers a variety of classes to every fitness level. Try your first class free!

Contact Lindsey or Iron Physique Gym for more details and to find out when the next class session begins.

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Where are you at? Are you training for a triathalon? Getting ready for a season of trailrunning? Just want to burn some calories and lose weight? Getting ready for baby? Or would like to live a healthy and long life wthout spending your time waiting for a doctor to walk through the examination room door? Purl Performance will help you accomplish your goals, because we are the custom fitness program specialists. Contact us and let's get started!

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