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    How To Choose The Right Process For Your Business Product.

    There are a number of considerations to take into account when deciding what will work best for your business identity:

    1) Quantity

    Is your project a limited run, for a very select target market? Is it based on a "limited time only" campaign? Or is this for national or international distribution?

    2) Quality

    How long does the product need to last in the marketplace? Will it be subjected to UV rays and extreme weather, does it need to be "Marine-Grade", or is it simply for indoor use? (And yes, Empire products have been used in deep space.)

    3) Impact

    Is your business product simply for legal compliance with current regulations, such as a 'Warning" label? Or is this product symbolic of your company, and your company's quality?

    4) Cost

    "ROI", or Return On Investment, is a significant consideration. Factors that need to be considered in the light of cost are measurable factors such as product longevity, color, and the overall purpose of the product itself. Factors that are not so easily measured typically have much to do with "Brand" and branding goals. The perceptions of the target market concerning your product and your company are ultimately and irrevocably important.




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    Empire Materials


    The right material for your business product identity will provide an outstanding return on your investment, enhance your business brand, and draw attention to you and your company.

    Clear Mylar

    Clear Mylar is often used for nameplates, labels, schematics, top coated window decals, and much more. Clear mylar comes in a range of colors and clear grades, as well as bright and matte chromes and brushed aluminum. This is a highly stable and durable material choice.



    Mylar has many of the same qualities that clear mylar has. It, too, comes in a range of colors including bright and matte chromes, brushed steel, brushed aluminum and gold. Features include good embossing properties as well as 2 year outdoor durability.



    Polycarbonate is often used in the production of nameplates, keyboards, keypads, membrane switches, and more. Colors are very vivid and can also be transparent or opaque. Inks can be printed subsurface, offering excellent protection and durability.


    Static Cling

    Static Cling is a very popular material application for window decals, signage, instructions, Point Of Purchase, and more, provided the surface area is smooth. Color selection is expansive, including custom printed colors that are highly durable in nature. Additionally, product utilizing static cling can be reused when stored on their backing.



    Styrene has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications. Signage, luggage tags, backlit signs, license plate blanks, and temporary or permanent business cards are just a few of the uses for styrene. This waterproof material can be die cut in regular or irregular shapes and range in thicknesses depending upon its application.



    Vinyl can be functional or decorative either indoors or outside. Its applications are numerous, as well as the possibilities for color or shape. Its uses range from nameplates to trademarks, posters and signage to auto striping or bumper stickers. Boasting up to 7 years of outdoor durability, vinyl offers an excellent return on investment.