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    Classic Doming:

    1. Selective Doming
    2. *Colored Doming
    3. *Phosphorescent Doming
    4. *Thermo-Chromic Doming
    5. *Fragrance Doming

    * May require a minimum quantity order


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    "Crystal-Line" Domed Decals


    Labels that were once two-dimensional can now stand out! Our "Crystal-Line" Domed Decals have a clear, non-yellowing, polymer coating, which will enhance your decal's appearance. It also creates a tough, flexible and scratch-resistant label that is excellent for indoor and outdoor applications.








    Classic Doming

    Standard Thickness:
    .060" +/- .010"

    Standard Hardness: 30-33 Shore D at 77 Degrees F (25C)

    Cleanability: Samples can be cleaned easily using an antistatic spray, or using a tissue wiped with ethanol or isopropanol.

    Weather Exposure: After 2,000 hours of exposure in ultraviolet light, the decal was not affected; no change in mechanical properties or aesthetic appearance (hardness, shrinkage, or color.)

    Impact Resistance: Due to the hardness of the polymer coating, indentations heal completely.



    Clear, non-yellowing, polymer coating on top of a decal, giving it a 'lens look' that is tough, flexible, and scratch resistant

    Uses a two-component polyurethane for superior quality

    Excellent indoor/outdoor application (UV and Salt Spray safe)


    "Marine-grade" for outboard motors

    Abrasion resistant dome

    Can be embossed, making a 3-dimensional appearance

    Will add brilliance to your decorative nameplates and decals

    Special shapes can be custom fit to a blueprint or product