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Elite Products. Because they have to be.

That's the Way We Choose What PRoducts Go Into YOur Commercial or Residential Project. It's All about Safety, Durability, Value, and Performance.

Very few electrical products meet our high standards for your project. The ones that do, you can depend on, as we do.

Once a wall is sealed, or concrete poured, whatever electrical work we've performed and the products used in that project are there to stay. This is a matter of product that will stand the test of time, of performance, of handling additional loads, and conforming to not only federal and state electrical codes, but the Elite Electric standards for performance, durability, longevity and safety. These are the standards that every product we purchase has to meet. We research and test every product before we ever use it "on the job". We never carry a product based on price. It has to be right, because every customer we serve expects their business or home to be safe, secure, operational, and working for the long run. That's what we call "Product Value".

Products from Elite Electric Solutions Call Elite Electric Solutions.

Elite Electric Solutions is Your Generac Emergency Power Generator Authorized Dealer.

Elite Electric Solutions is your Generac Authorized Dealer. In an emergency situation, you need the power to keep your systems running, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Our Generac backup power systems will power up automatically in an emergency, running your water system, computers, servers, refrigeration, cooling and heating systems and more. Elite Electric Solutions will provide you with what you need at a significant savings, as well as peace of mind that if your vacation home, residence or business powers down, we will power you up immediately, with Generac backup power, from Elite Electric Solutions.

Find out more. Call Elite Electric Solutions, or simply go to our contact page and send us a message. We promise a prompt reply, and unparalleled service.

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Diode LED Lighting from Elite Electric Solutions

Diode LED Cabinet or LED Lighting from
Elite Electric Solutions

Diode is the premier brand of LED lighting for those dark spaces or soft lighting that creates a mood or lights your way. We can provide:

  • Dimmable switchers
  • Light bars
  • Light tape
  • Adjustable and Customized Direct or Indirect Lighting Options for Commercial or Residential Applications
  • Wall Washers, to flood a wall spot or splash a wall with light, for Commercial or Residential Applications
  • Energy efficient LED lighting


Contact us to discuss the right Diode LED lighting for your particular project.

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Square D Circuit Breakers From Elite Electric Solutions

Square D Circuit Breakers from
elite Electric Solutions

Power in. Power up. The Elite Electric Power Solution.

Square D is the premier American Made circuit breaker panel, available from Elite Electric Solutions. Square D has the reputation of providing one of the highest quality and longest lasting circuit breaker boards in the industry. For commercial applications, tenant applications with add-on ability and separate monitoring. Contact us to find out which Square D breaker is going to be the best fit for your application.

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Juno Lighting Group, Lighting Solutions from Elite Electric Solutions

Juno lighting offers a wide variety of lighting possibilities for commercial, residential, interior and exterior applications. From recessed residential lighting and under cabinet lights to outdoor pole lighting, step lights and parking garage lighting, Elite Electric Solutions has the Juno Lighting solution for your particular needs. Contact us for your Juno Lighting consultation.

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