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elite electric solutions: Your Best Value

Our goal at Elite Electric Solutions is to provide you with the most professional work available, at the greatest value possible.

We have gone out of our way to ensure that our overhead is low, but our expertise is high. As a result, you are assured of the very highest value when it comes to professional electrical contracting from Elite Electric Solutions.

Elite Electric Solutions Energy and Power Services

Commercial and Industrial

Growing your business means growing your business power grid, as well. Elite Electric Solutions provides everything from highly specialized electrical contracting work to the specific products you need to handle your power requirements safely and efficiently.


It takes power to run a farm. And a farmer's most powerful friend is Elite Electric Solutions. Whether it's proper ventilation in the barn or additional power to handle a growing dairy herd, Elite Electric Solutions is a phone call away.


Whether you are renovating that turn of the century home or building new, Elite Electric Solutions is all about solutions to your power requirements. We can show you the latest products that not only save energy, but are a beautiful, sensible and safer addition to your home.


Before You Begin, Contact Elite Electric Solutions Call Elite Electric Solutions.

1Whether we're working with a general contractor, a project leader, working directly with a business owner or a homeowner, we consider everyone who chooses Elite Electric Solutions to be our "Best Customer". You deserve the very best we can deliver, and all the courtesies that you expect.

From arriving on time, to finishing the job on time and on budget, to cleaning up after ourselves and only leaving a better energy solution behind, our customers consider us the most professional and courteous company they know.

Find out more. Call Elite Electric Solutions, or simply go to our contact page and send us a message. We promise a prompt reply, and unparalleled service.

Electric Codes: Make Certain.

Electrical codes exist for your protection. Is your electrical contractor up to date on the National Code, as well as state and local electrical codes? Are their employees guided and supervised by a Master Electrician? With Elite Electric Solutions, you can rest assured that the work performed will be of the highest quality, and done right the first time.
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Elite Electric Solutions Guarantees

Elite Electric Solutions guarantees our work. A low price is great. Right up until something goes wrong. Does that low price come with a guarantee? Ours does.

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