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General Dentistry Services and Specialized Dentistry Services provided by Mullenbach Dentistry of La Crosse.

Mullenbach Dentistry General Dentistry Services

The latest technology with a caring approach to your dental healthcare.


Every person is unique. We provide the general dental services the individual needs, or a wide range of specialized dental services that may be necessary to ensure good dental health.

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Caring Dentistry

Mullenbach Dentistry is dedicated to your family's dental health. We have been serving the entire La Crosse area for over 30 years with the same dedicated staff, all committed to providing exceptional general and specialized dental services.

Dental Services

Mullenbach Dentistry provides a wide variety of general dentistry services, as well as specialized dental services. From Preventative Dentistry to Restorative Care, Mullenbach Dentistry is regarded as one of the most complete dental care specialists in the La Crosse area.

Dr. Mullenbach

As a patient of Mullenbach Dentistry, you will always see Dr. Mullenbach himself.

With more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of general dentistry, Dr. Mullenbach has devoted his entire career to serving the people of the La Crosse area for their dental heatlh care.

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Your dental health is our committment to you. And we welcome new patients and want to meet you!

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General Dentistry Services Provided by Mullenbach Dentistry of La Crosse

General Dentistry Services

General Dentistry is a broad term that includes many different services. Many of these dental healthcare services are very specialized, and not very "general" at all. Other services are routine, and performed many times each day by the professional dental healthcare staff at Mullenbach Dentistry. In "general", General Dentistry is performed by your primary dental health care provider. Mullenbach Dentistry diagnoses, treats and manages your overall oral health care needs.

Routine General Dentistry Services from Mullenbach Dentistry

Checkups and Preventative Care:

As your primary dental healthcare provider, Mullenbach Dentistry performs regular checkups to determine your overall dental health. These checkups are highly recommended twice each year in order to evaluate and diagnose potential issues before they become very serious problems. As part of your regular dental checkup at Mullenbach Dentistry, Dr. Mullenbach insists on seeing every patient himself, reviewing the X-Rays, inspecting the gums and teeth, and providing each and every patient with his review and recommendations.

As part of your semi annual checkup, Mullenbach Dentistry will x-ray your teeth in order to make a complete evaluation and diagnosis of any issues above or below the gum line. This can reveal potential or current problems below the surface that require treatment. Mullenbach Dentistry now uses the latest in digital technology to perform this service, providing a much faster approach, and allowing for instant sharing of C-Ray results with other specialists you may want involved.

Dental Cleaning:
This regular checkup service is provided by the experienced staff at Mullenbach Dentistry. Dental cleaning involves removing tartar and buildup from the teeth, inspection of the gums, and a thorough cleaning.

Specialized General Dentistry Services from Mullenbach Dentistry

Specialized dental services provided by Mullenbach Dentistry are all performed by Dr. Mullenbach. As no two people are exactly alike, there are specialized services for each individual's needs. No matter what age you are, from children to seniors, proper dental healthcare and its related services are tailored to the patient.

Specialized dental services provided by Mullenbach Dentistry include:

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