Meet the owners of Kratt Lumber

Eric Torgerud

Mark Torgerud

Michael Kratt

When you talk with Kratt, You talk to the owners and experts.

Kratt Lumber began in 1948. And back then, the owners worked the front desk, the lumberyard, and lent advice on everything from door handles to house dimensions. In that respect, nothing has changed.

Eric and Mark Torgerud are the owners now, after having worked at Kratt Lumber for years. And they learned that you don't just hand a customer or contractor off to a "saslesperson" who "thinks" this or that "might" work. You want it right the first time. We make sure it's going to happen, no matter whether it's a new window, or a new home construction project.

Eric and Mark have hand selected every vendor they work with, and every item they stock. If it's going to be right for you, it's got to be right for Kratt first.

You want advice, they have it. You want something that will last, they stock it. You want something special, they'll find it. You want value, Kratt has it.

This is simple. You can deal with a corporation whose company headquarters are hundreds if not thousands of miles away, or you can let us work with you, the locally priced, locally owned, owner run supplier for all your building and remodeling needs.

Get with Kratt. Let's get this right the first time.




Kratt Kustom Installation Makes Life Easy.

Kratt Kustom Installation makes life easy. Our installers and craftsmen will renovate, remodel, and improve your home to your satisfaction. We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate for Kratt Kustom Installation. Just contact us, and we'll do the rest.

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